Core Beliefs

  • Radically following Jesus Christ in everyday Life
  • A Jesus Centered Bible
  • Committed to Christ over and above commitment to any nation or government
  • Bringing Good News to the poor, powerless, and persecuted – not just by preaching Jesus Christ but in practical ways like helping widows and orphans
  • Churches called to be communities of discipleship and mission, friendship, mutual accountability, and multi-voiced worship.
  • Simplicity and justice – spirituality and economics are connected for Anabaptists, which is important in our individualist and consumerist culture.
  • Making peace and bringing reconciliation —  for Anabaptists peace is central to the gospel. It is not the center of the gospel—Jesus is the center of it all. It is as followers of Jesus that we are committed to finding nonviolent alternatives to violence in our world – not peace for its own sake

What does the word "Anabaptist" mean?

  • It literally means baptizing because Anabaptists refused to baptize babies
  • Only adults who can make the decision to follow Jesus Christ are baptized.
  • Those adults who were baptized as babies were re-baptized as adults to show commitment to following Jesus Christ.

Origins of the Anabaptist

  • Started  in Europe during the reformation in the 1600’s
  • Forced to move throughout the world due to persecution because of beliefs
  • A strong belief in spreading the Good News of Jesus to the poor led to evangelism throughout the world

Who are the Anabaptists today?

  • Denominations include:
    • Mennonites
    • Evana
    • Church of the Brethren
    • Brethren in Christ
    • Mennonite Brethen
    • Amish, and others
  • Estimated to be about 1.5 million baptized Anabaptist believers in close to 10,000 congregations in about 60 nations
  • About 80% of baptized believers are African, Asian or Latin American.

Anabaptists in Africa

  •  The largest group of Anabaptist / Mennonite are in Africa.  735,000
  •   East Africa “Ethiopia” 650,000
  •  1,135 Local Churches
  •  1,112 Church plants. (supported by mother church)
  •  Anabaptist Worldwide is (2.1 million)