Widows of pastors who have been murdered are often penniless in the Nigerian environment. They are being helped to transition into sustainable widowhood where they can take care of their children in ways such as PTSD counseling, medical services, support/fellowship, small business development grants and monthly food staples. The monthly food staples are the most expensive part of this program.

17 hectares (42 acres) of land has been donated to the Anabaptist Peace Center to use as farmland. More land is available once we demonstrate that we can farm the land we currently have. Widows will be paid to farm the land (thus learning a skill), raising crops which will be distributed to widows in need, helping offset the cost of the monthly food staples. Excess crops can then be sold to help support the ongoing ministries of the Anabaptist Peace Center.

Farming in the villages of Nigeria is mostly done by hand. A couple of Evana Network congregations spearheaded an effort to make sure we have a tractor which has transformed the farming process. Because of the ongoing drought in Nigeria, we are trusting God for a bore hole truck to enable us to have all year farming. The truck will also be used to help sustain the ongoing work of the Center.